Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Too Long is Never Too Long

This was the response of another Army wife to the question of "How long is too long to deal with the stress and pressure of being an Army wife?" I was inspired by what she said and hope that if this life is our long term future I will be able to say these things in 20 years.
Funny as a career military spouse, I wonder if I can use that on a resume. There were times I wanted to run away and hide, slap the shit out of the Branch manager for the umpteenth time for changing our orders, coming up with reasons why my husband was the ONLY friggin soldier that could fill that job that had him gone for 2 of 3 years. I've been doing this my WHOLE adult life. Yes I have made more sacrifices then any civilian spouse I know, BUT I MADE THAT CHOICE WHEN I MARRIED A SOLDIER. I choose a career that would enable me to get a job no matter where I lived. I have given up friends, moved, geesh, I don't know how many times in 20 years, but you know, I love this man more than I love any THING I could do with my life. It boils down to what is more important to you. It blows my mind to hear spouses talk about how the deployments and separation are why they end up divorced, um that is a permanent separation, sort of a vicious circle. Everyone has to make decisions that fit their life and thier way of life, but for this military spouse, too long will never be too long. He is my soul mate, my match and I his. We are together no matter where he is, no matter how long he's gone, I pray all the time while he's gone that he comes back to me, but if it be God's will that he doesn't I then pray for God to give me the stregth to help me raise my children to remember what a great man he was and what he died for and what OUR sacrifices were for.

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