Friday, September 16, 2005

Athens Memories

UGA vs. UL-Monroe
1 p.m. Saturday, PPV-CSS, 750 AM

Sic 'em!

This was sent to be by Mike. I LOVE it!

Athens Memories
$2.99 pitchers on the deck Thursday nights at Mexicali (First note here! They were only $2.75 when we were there!) * Waking up with a massive hangover to stumble into the game
Walking through North Campus on a perfect crisp fall morning * Ladies Night at Boar's Head on Monday night * Feta fries at The Grill at 2 am * Camping out for road game tickets * Sitting on Kudzu Hill with a full cooler and unobstructed view * Thomas Davis * The crowded cabstand downtown at closing time * Pizza and sandwiches at Snelling * Borrowing someone's ID to get in * Your 21st downtown * Verron Haynes and the Hobnail boot * Blind Pig trivia night on Wednesday * Going to your 8:00 on Friday in the same clothes you had on Thursday night* Chili dawgs, onion rings, a fried peach pie, and a PC from the Varsity * "Working out" at Ramsey * A Looney Bird and a Bud at Loco's * How beautiful The Arch looks when it snows * Going from keg party to keg party at Polo Club * Intramural flag football * Dancing at Georgia Theatre when they were open and serving until 4 am * Ringing the Victory Bell...on a Wednesday night * Counting down the days until football season * Heading to Jacksonville on Thursday before there was ever such a thing as Fall Break * Waterford Place * 25-cent happy hour at Uptown * The Davids * Karaoke at Fire House on Monday night * Skipping Friday afternoon class to drink beer on your porch * Having a keg party on a Tuesday * Power Hour at AMF * Replaying Munson calls in your head as you rode by Sanford on the way to class * The Black Crowes at Homecoming * The hidden racks at Barnett's and their "selection" * Waking up to the sound of "Hunker Down Hairy Dawg" blaring form the parking lot at 7:30 on a game day...and being upset * Bid Day on Milledge * The Widespread show on Washington Street in '98 * The mandatory "Reading Day" keg party * Llama-Rama * Fried Chicken, okra, and cornbread at Weaver D's * College Park * Krystals at 3:30 in the morning * The night the goalposts fell * Figuring out just where does the Family Housing bus go? * Wanting to get into Brumby for a panty raid * Sitting on the porch at Son's and Steverino's * Jeff Keppinger's dramatics * Paying parking tickets because your pass said "Commuter" * Fried Dill Pickles at Blind Pig * Spring Lake * Jarvis Hayes * Doing the crossword puzzle in class * Living on ramen noodles for a week * Guthrie's * "Spring" Break and how cold it always was * How spending more than $20 on a night downtown was considered absurd * Champ Bailey * Walking through North Campus just before spring semester is over and thinking how heaven could possibly be anymore beautiful * Armadillo's * Peeing on the Academic building because it just seemed okay * Brighton Park * The rise of Michael Johnson * The smell of charcoal and Beam on a warm September Saturday * Taking dates to East/West or DePalma's * Getting in the wrong cab going to Milledge and getting home an hour later * The creepy-voiced bus driver at Park Hall * "It's Saturday afternoon in Athens!" * Having an abundance of attractive co-eds... and taking it for granted * Going to "The Shoals" * Your strange roommate in the dorm * Playing asshole with your friends * The tears you had to choke back at the '99 Tech game and... ..the bedlam and sheer ecstasy that was the 2001 Tech game * When waking up at nine o'clock was considered early * When they announced there was no school the next day due to snow and ice * Player's Club * Days at the pool * Terrence Edwards * The Landing on Friday night * The destruction in Morris Hall * Waffle House at 5 am * Going out on a really bad date, but still spending the night * A La Bamba burrito at closing time * Being too hungover from Saturday night to make it to Monday morning class * Choosing a major...and then choosing another one * The robbery that was FTX * Seeing alumni start to show up on campus on Wednesday for a Saturday game * The dawn of the Mark Richt era * Seeing Dark Side of Oz on the big screen at Georgia Theatre * Buying beer for the whole dorm at Majik Mart * Lane Creek golf course * Having a monthly rent payment of less than $300 * The guys outside of Red & Black package store * Ice cream at Hodgson's * Guys in red pants * Grown men barking * Wondering if anything really could live in the Oconee River * $1 night at Topper's on Tuesday * Kinchafoonee Cowboys * Sky's Place * The caramel tasting beer at Georgia Theatre from years of corrosion * 3 cheeseburgers, fries, and a beer at Allen's * Walking down the railroad tracks * Grilling out on a beautiful spring night * Buying Student Notes the day before a test * Drinking on a Tuesday to help get rid of Monday's hangover * Finals Week * Band parties that lasted until 4 am * Billy Bennett * The Hot Dog Guy on Baldwin before UGA and Michael Adams ran him off * Harrick-Gate and Tony Cole * Seeing Michael Stipe walk in front of your car downtown * Playing golf at UGA on a Friday before game day * Wild nights at Wild Wing * Being tempted by Blind Pig every time on the walk back from class * Watching Moday Night Raw...and then quoting it the rest of the week * The sock on the doorknob * OutKast at Day of Soul * 51-7 * Drinking with the R.A. * Seeing David Allan Coe at Georgia Theatre * Only showing up on test days to class * Selling back books for beer money * Girls dancing on the bar and in the cages at Uptown * Looking for beer specials in the Red and Black * Graduation Day * Wishing that time could stand still and knowing that the real world could wait.

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