Thursday, September 08, 2005

Free Mail to Troops in Combat

The pictures from Bastogne are now on our fotopic site. Just click on the link on the right that says "Our Pictures".

This is from an email I received. Please help this bill to pass!

"As many of you know, we have been in contact with our senators and congressmen to get a change on the cost for sending care packages and letters to our troops. Finally, there is a bill to be voted on to send care packages for free to those in harm's way.
"Below is a Web site to click on and support this bill. This is a way you can show our troops that we really do care about them. Supporting our troops is not an option, but a responsibility. Let's all come together and do this. Send this e-mail to everyone you know.
"If this bill passes, you will be able to send your military things for free. Take the time to read and complete this request to your congressional representative. It is truly a worthwhile cause. It's painless and will benefit not only those sending mail, but also our service members.
"Currently, postage is paid from one's post office to either New Jersey or California, whichever is closer. Depending on weight, it often costs up to $24 for family members and friends to mail these morale-boosting packages to their loved ones serving in harm's way.
"If you want to help, just click on the site below and send a note of support to your congressional representative:


Kimberly Anderson said...

Cristin, am I crazy? lol your answer is probably :"well kim, its questionable" but seriously I don't see an "our pictures" link on the right...


Cristin said...

The Links section is on the actual blog under the Contributors section. If you're reading through the mailing list, the links aren't going to show up. But yeah, "well kim, it's questionable....."