Monday, September 19, 2005

Oktoberfest 2005

The local Outdoor Recreation office had a trip to Oktoberfest in Munich this past weekend. My friend Kimberly and I went together. We left Baumholder at 3am Saturday morning and arrived in Munich shortly after 9am. The weather was cool and wet so it wasn't the greatest for spending 14 hours outside. We walked around town a bit and then watched the parade which marked the official start of Oktoberfest. After the parade we ventured on to the fest grounds and walked around for a while just checking things out. We got really cold after a while so we decided to have lunch and warm up at a food stand. Next we went to a little biergarten and enjoyed the company of 2 older French couples that couldn't speak a lick of english! The weather got a little better while we were in the biergarten so we walked around the fest area some more. We ate us some chocolate covered fruit and met the "last Oktoberfest" bachelor! We finally decided to try to get in a beer tent. After waiting in line for over 2 hours, the tent was closed for the rest of the night! However, we were determined to get into a tent so we tried another one and after waiting about half an hour we got in! It was insanely crowded but we managed to find a table to sit. There were a lot of German people our age around us so it was fun talking to them. They thought it was so cool that we were from America! After we finished our pretzel and liters of beer it was getting close to time to leave. We grabbed a few last minute souveniers and schnitzelburgers before meeting the bus. We left at 11pm and arrived back in Baumholder at 4am. It was a long trip but it was a lot of fun. It's so awesome to be able to say that I went to the REAL Oktoberfest!
Here is the link to mine and Kimberly's pictures:
Here is a short video that Kimberly took with her camera inside the beer tent:¤tDate=20050914&currentTime=210256

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Kimberly Anderson said...

I'm glad you were my travel buddy for this adventure Cristin!

I will look back on this outing for a long time with very fond memories (minus the horrible wet and cold weather,standing in line to get in a beer tent for 2 hours just to get turned away and getting pushed over waiting for the bathroom) LMAO

I look forward to many more memories over the next year and a half or so!

Auf Wiedershen for now! ;)