Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Racing for a Cure

This past weekend was pretty eventful. After work on Friday I went to the 4-27 FA wives coffee group. It was a nice time and there were A LOT more ladies there than usual. I guess everyone was hoping to hear some information about the deployment. It's less than 2 months away now, and they still aren't really telling us anything!
On SaturdayI ran all my errands, including spending a couple of hours at the commissary. They were having their case lot sale which means a lot of products were available in bulk at significant discounts. The only thing I got was some paper towels. Most of the stuff they had for sale would be pointless for a girl who's living by herself for a year. I don't think I'm going to need a case of canned asparagus anytime soon!
I also bought our plane tickets on Saturday. We're getting to Atlanta on the 19th and leaving on the 1st.
Saturday night I went to Portofino, the Italian restaurant in town. I had dinner there with my friends Stacie and Chris.
On Sunday I participated in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure in Frankfurt. We had a team from Baumholder that did the 5K run. I usually only run about 2.5 miles so my goal was to complete the whole 3.1 miles. Most people wore their white Race for the Cure t-shirts but breast cancer survivors wore pink shirts. The 2nd half of the race I ended up behind a lady in a pink shirt. She was a good bit older than me but she was in front of me and never slowed down. She was my motivation. How could I, an athletic, HEALTHY, 24-year-old, wuss out when this lady had not only beat cancer but was also kicking my butt on the run?? It was a really great experience. I look forward to doing it next year and participating in more runs that are for good causes. There were some pictures taken on Saturday and I was hoping I would have them by yesterday but I didn't. Our team leader is going to send them to me and as soon as she does I will share them.
It's less than a week now until Bryan gets back from the field!!!

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