Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How 'bout them dawgs!

I haven't blogged in a week so I figured I should update it. I was actually fairly busy at work last week so I wasn't bored enough to add a new post. Bryan came home on Monday evening but then had to go back to Graf again on Wednesday. He came back home late Thursday night. On Saturday we went to Heidelberg to check out their bazaar. It is supposedly the biggest one in Germany. I got a service star and a "Home is where the Army sends us" wall hanger. We also got some wine, belgian chocolate and gummy candy! That night on the way home we were going to stop by Chili's and have dinner but we had another adventure instead. We stopped by a furniture store and Bryan dropped his cell phone in the parking lot. A German picked it up and instead of turning it in, he took it home with him. After searching the parking lot and store, and calling the phone over and over, he finally answered it. He lived about 30-45 minutes from the store and wanted us to drive to his house to get our phone! Bryan was livid and we decided to go the the German Polizei (police) in hopes that they would make him bring it back to us. A lot of the power was out in town and we weren't able to find the polizei station so we decided to go to the military post and see if the MPs would help us. The MPs were AWESOME and we were surprised by how helpful they were because MPs have a reputation for doing the bare minimum. They had a few officers that spoke German so they called the man who had our phone and then offered to escort us to his house. Over 2 hours after losing the phone we were finally able to get it back!
The game didn't come on until 10:30 pm so we watched the first half and recorded the second to watch on Sunday. It's always fun to watch Georgia win, but it's even better when the win is against UT!
On Sunday we went to church, ran some errands, Bryan played golf, and then we had a cookout. Josh & Erin Grant came along with Stacie & Chris. It was a good time with some good food!
Bryan played golf again yesterday and we just goofed off the rest of the day.
Today we're back to our respective jobs but we only have 6 work days until we come home!


Anonymous said...
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Kimberly Anderson said...

Who the heck left you that comment above? lol ;O

Kimberly Anderson said...

Wow, ya'll sound like you had an "eventful" (that's crazyness about the phone) but overall FUN weekend together! Are you gonna post pics of your sign you got? ;) That's awesome you had a good weekend Cristin...we all need more of those before they leave soon ;(

Wish I could say the same for our weekend, Jeramie worked allll day Friday, then half of Saturday, all day Monday and then CQ Monday night so needless to say I've seen him close to NOTHING lately ;( Oh well, suck it up and drive on I guess as they say in the Army..but right now I'm not too fond of our husbands profession and how they are treating mine specifically...he's got a friggin profile on his knee and leg still and its STILL all black and blue bruised after 2+ weeks and throbbing with pain...gotta love them wanting him to "work" through it...they'll see how much it sucks when he has to come back from Iraq or Afghanistan to have surgery and convalescent leave (grrrr, frustrated)

Anyways I'm sorry I just vented on your blog comments LMAO, but I've needed someone to vent to now for like 4 days (haha!)

I haven't made it over yet to see ya today and i'm sorry, we're swamped and I had to take my lunch early (i'm at home checkin emails) but I'll talk to ya soon...