Thursday, April 06, 2006


It seems like most of my blogs lately have been about sad things. That's one reason I try to post jokes on here, so that it's not totally depressing. It has been hard to find happiness in the past few weeks though, so those jokes will have to be it.

There was more bad news this week but it's not as bad as it could have been. One of Bryan's soldiers, SGT M was wounded on Monday. He was shot in the leg while out on a patrol. He went into surgery right away and should be back in Germany by now to begin recovering. Bryan wasn't on the patrol with SGT M, but it was hard for him to know that something had happened to one of his guys. I look forward to visiting SGT M when we are officially informed that he is back here.

Overall, Bryan is doing very well. His platoon is very busy, but their morale is so much better now that they are out there really doing their jobs instead of more training.

R&R leave has been postponed for a while so it doesn't look like I'll be seeing Bryan in July like we had hoped. We picked July so that we could be together for our anniversary but now it looks like he may not get here until August. That is frustrating, but I can't say that I'm totally shocked.

The weather is slowly getting better here and it's starting to get pretty and green again. I'm also planning to start traveling a lot now that I no longer have basketball tying me down. Hopefully that will help the latter part of the deployment fly by!


Anonymous said...

Hello Cristin,
Man it is neat to see Bryan with all the children. I knew Bryan when he was a very little boy. Hang in there and know that I am praying for both of you.

Ann clemmons

Anonymous said...

Hi Cristin,

I also knew Bryan as a youngster and have enjoyed watching him mature into a fine young man. I had the pleasure of attending your wedding and witnessing the two lives being joined as one. Incidently, I work in Gboro and believe it or not ... had the pleasure of walking (by choice!) some two miles with your Uncle Mark today. Anyway, know that you and Bryan both are in our thoughts and prayers!

Sincerely, Benji

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Cristin,
Cody and Andy said that you had something on the web - but it took a co-worker (Benji)to get me to it. Bryan looks great! He's in my prayers everyday. I also have been remembering your family. We are all going to miss Mr. W J, but I keep remembering my mother's remark when I told her. She said, "He'll finally be with Helen, he really has missed her." Anyway, we are thinking about yall. Clint and Katie are back to normal now - working etc. It was great to see you at the wedding. Take care and remember, we love you both and look forward to you BOTH coming home.
"Miss" Margaret