Friday, April 07, 2006


Are they forgotten?

Even though we reside in another country, those of us in military communities live in our own little bubble of Army life. Everyone is so proud and patriotic. When our "sponsor" (as we call them in the Army) is deployed, we are thinking of them and praying for them around the clock. We certainly never go a day without missing them, and more importantly, appreciating them. Even when our soldiers come home, we remember those who are serving in their place.
Last night after Bryan got back to his room from his night patrol, we were instant messaging. I sent him the link to some pictures from Libby's wedding that I was in last month. Once he started to look at them he became a little upset and frustrated. He was happy that I was able to have a good time and take my mind off of things a little. However, it was hard for him to see so many people having fun, without a care in the world, while he was "trying not to get blown up". There was not much that I could say in response to that. I tried to tell him that people are able to experience good times like those because of soldiers like him and the others who have gone before them. Even though it is the truth, we know that his fear is justified. Thank God I'll never know that it's like to live in a country where I am oppressed, and I'll probably never see or experience anything like that. I am a lucky one and I am lucky because someone, somewhere was willing to make the sacrifice to give me such a gift. I feel even more blessed that I am married to a man and know many people who are capable of something so special and extraordinary -serving their country.
Bryan was right though. They have been forgotten.
Since Bryan went on active duty and even more so since we've lived in Germany and he's been deployed, we've learned who cares. We have been delighted at the people who have reached out to us, but we have also been disappointed by those that we thought cared about us. The latter significantly outnumber the former. This isn't a pity party about the people we've lost touch with or the people who have hurt us. This is a small view of a bigger picture. Some people we thought would be there and support us haven't been. Thank goodness for our family and friends that have been. What about the soldier that has no one outside his Army "family"? Who's there supporting him? Who's remembering him?
You rarely hear about the troops anymore unless you're listening to someone criticize the government. People say you can support the troops without approving of the administration. I question that, but I want to see it put into action.
I would love to see more people walk the walk and separate our military from politics.
These are the men and women who have offered to serve our country.
Let's remember them and support them and appreciate them.
You may even "remember", but what are you doing to remind others that there are still soldiers out there every single day willing to put their lives on the line??
The soldiers not only need to hear that they are supported. They need to feel it.


Cowgirl said...

I agree with you 110%. Hooah!

Shelleigh (Pixie) said...

They are NOT forgotten. In fact, the reason (from my personal standpoint) the condemning of our government's actions is even associated with our troops is because our troops worth, the good they are doing and their sacrifice is over shadowed by the bits'n'pieces of what the main stream media chooses to share.

I know my rant of last week seemed harsh. I was drawn to task by many (most of which are service members / family members) who took me to task for what I wrote.

Rest assured, I am 150% in favor of what we do "over there" (wherever "there" may be) and 100% behind our soldiers.

Love... and thank you Bryan, Cristin, JT, Michelle, Allie, Edie, Dickie, Mason, Tony, Mark, Xavier, John, John and Jon, Michael, Christopher, Madelyn, Jake, Jack Jr., Edward, and... all of you.


proud fan said...

Good post! This is one of the reasons that I started up a support blog! People need to remember our soldiers every day and realize that it is only through their hard work and sacrifices that we are able to live as we do, free.