Thursday, April 13, 2006


So, my information was correct. I just can't do math! Dale and Chris have been married 20 years! Congratulations on 2 decades!!

I got the following sent to me by another Army wife. Obviously I had nothing to do with putting this list together but some parts of it are cute!

20. (Many) more months of waiting in line at the post office.
19. I have to fix all of the things that break all by myself.
18. I have to do all of the cooking and I can't remember how to boil water.
17. My car will only get washed when it rains - let's pray for snow.
16. I still haven't found our drill, and if and when I do - I am sure I don't know how to use it!
15. Postage is getting expensive, but not to worry because we know how much you love getting mail!
14. I'll have to hang up the outside Christmas lights myself and I don't do heights.
13. He can't stop by Starbucks for that surprise cup of coffee for me on his way back from PT.
12. I don't know if I can find the furnace, much less remember when I am supposed to change the filter.
11. I actually have to read the owner's manuals to figure out how to work the electronics in my house.
10. I have to take all of the trash out.
9. I have to change all of the diapers.
8. I can't figure out how to use the gas grill and I really want to eat a nice grilled steak.
7. By the time (he returns) my vocabulary will have regressed to that of a 3 year old.
6. I have to talk to the in-laws all by myself.
5. I am sick of eating kid food for dinner.
4. I find myself watching "Elmo's World" and laughing.
3. The only name I have now is "Mommy".
2. The dog does NOT respect my authority.
And the number one reason why it is bad our husband's are deployed is…
NO SEX…Need we say any more?


22. The economy should start to pick up now with all of the packages we send to Iraq - think of how many jobs we are creating at the United States Post Office, Gatorade, Star-Kist…
21. I get to add to my shoe collection.
20. No cereal bowls left on the computer desk.
19. I can put up flower pictures all over the house and take down the ones he likes (Bud Lite neon).
18. Unlimited shopping on EBay, no questions asked.
17. Unlimited Internet time, no sharing required.
16. I haven't had to spend money on beer in months.
15. I don't have to put the toilet seat down.
14. I can have a chick flick marathon any time I want.
13. I am going to look like a Baywatch babe when he gets home.
12. There are no dirty brown t-shirts and black socks lying all over the house.
11. I can watch The Wedding Story, The Baby Story, and Trading Spaces as many times as I want.
10. The TV will stay on one channel for more than five seconds.
9. I don't have to listen to him tell me what a good driver he is.
8. I don't have to shave my legs.
7. It will take me until (he gets home) to clean up the mess I've made out of "his" garage.
6. I can't hear him snore from Iraq.
5. I have my king size bed all to myself - that is until my two girls moved in.
4. I don't have to explain why my trip to Target for a new frying pan cost $100 (you know - along with the frying pan I also needed new utensils, plates, burner covers for the stove, a new cookie jar, laundry detergent was on sale, and toilet paper, and Ziploc bags, and…)
3. A 30-day NTC Rotation will be a minor inconvenience.
2. There are 21 Sundays and so many Mondays that I don't have to watch football this year.
And the number one reason why it is good our husbands are deployed is…The "Honey-Do" list has turned into the "Honey-I-Did" list.


Shelleigh (Pixie) said...

Those are adorable.

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