Monday, April 24, 2006


Friday was a really pretty day here in Baumholder. My boss was nice enough to give us the "59 minute rule" which made me pretty happy. When we get 59 minutes, that means that we can go home 59 minutes early. Per regulation, we can't be given a whole hour, but we can get 59 minutes.
When I got home, Laura, Vanessa, Pam, and their children and dog were all outside. I got Misha and all of us hung out outside for a while. Pam wanted to cook out so she grilled us kebabs and pototoes for supper.
I got up at 3am the next morning to go to Holland. The Outdoor Recreation office did a bus trip. We went to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and to a family's farm where they made wooden shoes and cheese. The tulip garden was very pretty but there were a lot of people there. It would have been much more enjoyable had there been less people there, but I'm sure it's never like that. The gardens are only open from March to May so I guess it stays crowded the whole time.
The farm may have been even better than the gardens. We watched how they make wooden shoes and then they told us about how they make cheese. We also got to sample a lot of their cheeses, which were really good.
The bus got back to Baumholder around midnight Saturday. It was a fun trip but I was tired. Yesterday I cleaned my house and made my weekly trips to the PX and commissary. I also prepared Bryan's weekly care package before I went downstairs to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy at Laura's like we do every Sunday.
I put all the pictures I took online but I can't access them from this computer to put one on here. They can be seen at They are under the April link. It was cool and overcast on Saturday so that's why my face was red and I was wearing my fleece in most of the pictures!

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shelleigh (aka Pixie) said...

Great photos Cristin! Those flowers are a-maz-ing!...and what are you going to wear with those adorable, petite wooden shoes???

*giggle, snort*!

I'm so glad Spring is there! You've had one heck of a winter.

When I have a "bad" day, I'm going to come back to your photo garden!