Friday, June 23, 2006


I really hope it's ok if I post this!

In my eyes, my cousin Casey is someone who deserves to have her 'happily ever after'. I recently found out that she is another step closer to that! You could say that it's been a "challenge" for her to get pregnant. She couldn't get me on the phone because of my trip, so I had an email waiting on me when I got to work Monday morning. Casey informed me that she is almost 2 months pregnant!!! As I sat at my computer and read her email, I began to tear up. I can't say how happy I am for her and Mike and how excited I am to have a new cousin (Although I do think I may want to be "Aunt" Cristin!). Bryan and I have been hoping and doing a lot of praying for them. Congratulations to the grandmother to be too!
Casey & Mike ~ I hope everything about this pregnancy and this baby are amazing and wonderful. I know that y'all will be awesome parents!

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Pixie said...

Well, you are just full of good news!!! I love that! Happy cleaning!