Monday, August 14, 2006


This weekend wore me out! Baumholder had it’s annual Aldstadtfest in town this weekend. I went down there with a group of my friends on Friday night. We enjoyed the food, drinks, and bands. After we left the fest we also went dancing. We stayed up way too late, but we had a good time so it was worth it!
I was lazy most of the day Saturday, and then we went back down to the fest that night. There was a really good band called Groovin that played. There were some Germans that were having way too much fun and got out of control. Watching them was entertaining for us though!
I slept in on Sunday so that I could be at home when Bryan called. He’s been extremely busy the past few days and will continue to be for the coming week. They are working right now to try to calm down some of the craziness in Baghdad.
I spent the rest of the day on Sunday doing my usual errands and baking for Bryan’s weekly care package. I didn’t get it packed last night so that’s what I’ll spend tonight doing.
There are now less than 100 days until the deployment is over! We are in double digits!!

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