Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm here! Shelleigh picked at me a little, so I knew I had to get on here and post something. I've been doing a lot of studying for my workshop in 2 weeks. It is scary how soon that is!
This past weekend was a long one for me because of the holiday. On Monday night I was still running around crazy trying to get things taken care of before the work week started. I am getting things accomplished though. I got my hair cut, found supplies to make some welcome home signs with, and cleaned the Explorer really good. I have someone who wants to buy it because I am getting our new car today!! I have an appointment at 4pm to get it and I'm so excited. I really wish Bryan could be with me to get it, since it's our first new car. I'm going to work really hard to keep it in it's brand new condition until he gets home though. I'm going to take pictures when I pick it up today, so hopefully I can post one tomorrow!

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Pixie (aka Shelleigh) said...

I wasn't picking, I was passively encouraging... ha ha ha ha ha! Good on you for working so hard Cristin! The countdown is on and I am so excited for you two I can hardly keep myself in my seat!


Happiness, indeed!