Wednesday, November 01, 2006

HAPPY Halloween!

Bryan finally made it home last night! They didn't get back until about 10:30pm so it was a late night. It was sooo worth it though! I am back at work today and he had to go start the 7 day reintegration process so we haven't really had any time to relax and enjoy being together again. Just knowing that he is here and safe is enough for me to be very happy though.

As of today, Bryan is also promoted to the rank of Captain. His battalion commander won't be home from Iraq until next week so the ceremony will be then.

Here are more pictures from last night!

Bryan's Homecoming


Pixie said...

to death for you!

WELCOME HOME BRYAN!!!! Look forward to hearing more about the homecoming in a week or so, ahem!


Dale Dyer said...

BRYAN,WELCOME HOME AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! I am so happy for you and Cristin. Those are some great pictures!!
Love yall,

Marian said...

What a wonderful sight!!!
Marian & Ricky Easley