Monday, November 20, 2006


We're finally getting into a routine that is a little more normal. Reintegration is over for both of us. Bryan is still only working short days, but as of today I'm back at my office all day, every day.
When we went furniture shopping a couple of weeks ago, we actually ended up buying a few things. We got an antique china cabinet that was made in France in 1880. We also bought a new dining room table and chairs. It all was delivered on Friday and we love it!
We also had Bryan's platoon cookout that same weekend. The soldiers had a good time. That was our main goal so it was a success in our eyes.
On the 9th, Bryan has his official "pinning" ceremony for his promotion to Captain. We were lucky to have pleasant weather that day so it was a nice ceremony at the batallion. Afterwards we hosted a little promotion party which was attended by some of the other officers and their wives.
On Veteran's Day weekend we went to the Normandy region of France. We visited the beaches that the American soldiers landed on on D-Day and other historic places in the area. It was a very interesting and informative trip. Bryan & I enjoyed just being able to travel together again.
This past Friday I attended another fitness certification workshop. This one was to be a group fitness instructor which means I could teach classes. I'm more interested in personal training, but I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and test for this one since a lot of the information was the same as the personal training workshop.
I uploaded many new pictures to our fotopic site. Here is the link for all of our November pictures so far:

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Pixie said...

You two are BUUUSY! If this is "normalcy", y'all had better plan vacations every six weeks so you can relax! Ha ha! The pics are awesome!

I'm planning to take Gab to Europe in 2007 / October. Ireland to see where her family is from... I've been to Paris, but there is SO MUCH MORE to France! Might have to see if we can work that in too.

They didn't ALL hit Bryan did they??? Poor guy - speedy recovery Bryan!

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.