Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The latest

On Friday I was going to post an update, but I thought the article about Walter Reed was more important so I posted it. The last true update I posted was on 20 November so I'll try to remember what all has been going on since then.
Bryan and I are both still working. He is now doing double duty for his battery. He's still technically in his old job as a platoon leader, but he is also now the Executive Officer. The new lieutenants have not arrived to the battery yet, but when they do he will be the XO.
We hosted Thanksgiving at our home and it was a lot of fun. We had 2 other couples and 5 single guys. We had a ton of food that was all great, but the best part was using our new dining room table. All 11 of us were able to sit at it once we added the extension!
Bryan has been very eager for the Christmas season to begin so we HAD to get a Christmas tree on the weekend following Thanksgiving. Our home has been totally decorated since then.
On Saturday evening we attended the 2006 St Barbara's Ball. St Barbara was the patron saint of the field artillery and every year, units everywhere attend this ball. Ours was at Ramstein and all the artillery units in Germany come. Here is one of our pictures:
Tonight we are attending a Hail and Farewell. We will welcome all the soldiers/families that have arrived to the battalion over the past year and say goodbye to those that are leaving. These are normally held once a month so I'm a little scared of how long it's going to last since there hasn't been one in over 12 months!
Tomorrow is the big welcome home celebration for our community. Everything on post will basically close down so everyone can participate in the festivities. Lately the weather has been typical Baumholder (cool and rainy), but tomorrow will be fun regardless!

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