Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baby images

Here are some 4D images the doctor gave us from my appointment yesterday.
In the first image, the baby's head is turned to your right so you can't see the face. You can see both arms and the hands are clenched into fists.
In the 2nd, the baby is facing the you with the head tilted to your right. You can even make out the eyes, nose, and mouth.
The 3rd is similar. The face is turned to the right a little more. The doctor said it looks like the baby is smiling in this picture. The blob on the right by the baby's head in all the pictures is placenta. The doctor said the baby was trying to hide behind it!


Wendy said...

Wow, very cool. Hello little baby.

Oh...and my right foot isn't very smart either.

Pixie said...

Oh my gosh, Cristin! He IS smiling! That is soooooo great. He looks perfect, just PERFECT!


God Bless you and Bryan and baby.