Friday, March 16, 2007

This is my team (and our little mascot) after they won their league championship. That's Bryan and I in a deep discussion in the background

The basketball season did finally come to an end on the 10th. Myself, the team, and some parents left Thursday night to go to Stuttgart, Germany where our tournament was held. The girls played 4 games on Friday (W-L-W-W) and 2 games on Saturday. We actually made it to the championship game but lost by about 4 points. I was so proud of the girls though. They did a great job and 6 games over a 24 hour period is more than their bodies could handle. They also had fun spending the weekend together and with the friends they made from the other teams. This coming weekend we're going to have an end of season party for the team. It will be a bittersweet party. I have coached some of these girls for 3 years and this isn't just the end of the season, but we will also be saying goodbye to them.

In addition to my prenatal fitness class last week, I also subbed for another circit exercise class on Tuesday and Thursday night. It was a lot of fun but I realized that it's difficult for me to teach a class because I feel like I should be working out as much as the students.

I also started participating in the civilian fitness program last week. I basically get 3 paid hours off a week to work out. It is really nice because it gets me out of the office for 3 more hours and it's not too late by the time I get finished working out.

On Friday I found out that I am being nominated for Volunteer of the Year for our community. I was very surprised to be told that. I do the volunteer activities because I want to do them and really have no desire to be recognized for it. It always does feel nice to be appreciated though.

Bryan had Friday and now today off, so he had a 4 day weekend. He had hoped to play golf today, but we woke up to snow! The weather has been nice so this craziness came out of nowhere. Hopefully the nice weather will come back soon!


Wendy said...

Congrats on your basketball season! When I lived in GE (years ago), I coached the Frankfurt Varsity Cheerleading Squad (we also won a Championship), and you do get attached to the girls. Congrats also on your Volunteer of the Year nomination! Very cool! I know you don't volunteer to get noticed, but Im so glad someone is recognizing you for your commitment to those young girls.

I hope this isn't too personal...and you don't have to respond....but are you expecting? or just teaching the class??

Enjoy your posts as always.

Cristin said...

Yep. 17 weeks. I've been meaning to add another ticker. Thanks for reminding me.....

Wendy said...

I saw the ticker when I logged on and thought "Ohhhh...that is soooo great!"


Enjoy being pregnant and don't forget to take photos of that belly!

You'll be glad to you did!