Friday, April 27, 2007


This week I FINALLY got my Personal Training certificate in the mail! Now I am officially a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer! Once we move, I would love to work at little bit but I don't think that will be feasible with the baby coming just a couple of months later. Hopefully soon after she's born I'll be able to start doing a little something though.
Speaking of baby, the doctor's office called on Wednesday and rescheduled the appointment I was supposed to have yesterday. Now I am going on Tuesday. This is the 2nd time they've rescheduled me so hopefully this one will stick.
I realized I had never shared any pictures from when my mom and sister were here. Below are links to our pictures from Prague and Rome.



We're attending the Brigade Combat Team ball tomorrow night so hopefully I'll have a few good pictures to share from it soon.


westenfarm said...


Wendy said...

And just went I thought you couldn't be any cooler.

Photos of of my favorite places!!!!! I still have crystal, china, and even a chandelier that I "smuggled" across the border. We paid *cough* offered the border guards with fresh fruit of all things.

Congrats on your cert.!

Pixie said...

What have you named her? Or are you still thinking about that?

I am so happy you will soon be back "here". Not that we'll be any closer, but having you home and on the same continent feels good.

Love and god bless the three of you!

Pixie said...


Look at your sweet little tummy!!!!!!

Great pics, Cristin and CONGRATS on your certification!