Friday, February 22, 2008

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

In college, I realized what a special place Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is. The biggest philanthropy event on campus every year was the Dance Marathon in which all proceeds went to CHOA. When I received this email from my aunt I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to help CHOA in such an EASY way. Please go to this site and vote for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to get a new hospital playroom from Colgate.

Most of you have either spent time, or know of someone who has
spent time at one of the wonderful Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
hospitals. Please take just a moment to go to the website below and
vote for Atlanta (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) to get a new
hospital playroom from Colgate. It is very quick and very easy. I
just voted and it only took a second. So far Atlanta only has 19% of
the vote so send this to some caring people and ask them to help.

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