Monday, February 18, 2008

One day down...

..with many more to go.
Bryan suprised us by arriving on Monday afternoon. Marlie & I were over at Elisabeth's house and he called my cell phone to see where we were. When I told him he said "Should I come over there then?". I was a little confused then realized he had surprised us once again. He was here until Friday when we went back up to Ft Bragg with him. We were able to get a little more family time in until he left yesterday morning. Saying goodbye was easier this time because I know what to expect, but harder because of Marlie. I was concerned about how she would take to Bryan since she hadn't seen him in over a month but she was crazy about him. I tried really hard to constantly show her pictures of him and say "Daddy" so that she would recognize him. Hopefully I will be able to keep her as familiar with him until she sees him again. I'm still trying to play catch up with the pictures. Here we are at Christmas when Marlie was almost 4 months old. I already can't wait until we're all back together like this again!

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