Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Deployments and Tires

Yesterday as I was driving back from Marlie's doctor's appointment a warning light came on in my car. I wasn't sure what it indicated so I was nervous about continuing to drive but I didn't want to stop either. Once I got into town I was able to reference my manual and found out it was a tire pressure monitor. The warning light comes on if the tire is flat or has a significant loss of pressure. Upon reading that my heart sank. I thought about the awful experience I had with my tires last deployment. Daddy came over after work and checked the pressure of my tires and determined that one of the back tires was the culprit. I started looking at it and spotted a nail. That was the cause of my problems last time too but thankfully that's where the similarities end. Today I took my car up to the tire place in town (technical name, huh?) and they took care of it for me without a problem. Even though I really miss being in a military community, getting help like that is one of the nice things about being home.

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