Monday, April 21, 2008

Back in the gym!

I was working out right up until I had Marlie. I had the idea that as soon as I healed, I would be right back to working out. Moving and the reality of motherhood showed me how wrong I was!
My town doesn't have a gym so I had to go to a neighboring county to find one. Seven months later I'm finally back in the gym! I joined two weeks ago so this is the start of my third week of working out. I'm so happy to be doing some real exercise again. I spoke to the owner and I'm probably also going to have the opportunity to teach a class and do some personal training!

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Tara said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Very happy you get sometime to enjoy being an able bodied woman and not just a mommy. I have been so busy with business stuff lately that I only have time for yoga. I got to get back on track soon and when I do I want to send Marlie and little bib. Give her a kiss from Ramsey.