Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Being green

When we lived in Germany I really got into recycling. They are serious about recycling in Europe, but they also make it so easy. For example, they even provide you with bags to put all your plastics in. Notice I said all. Here in the US, it's not so easy. When I take my items to the recycling point it feels like there are 10 different places just for plastics - clear plastic, milk jugs, colored plastic, etc. Americans should learn something from the Germans. Regardless of how complicated recycling is here, I still try to do it. I've also tried to be green in other areas of my life.
I finally took the tags off the cloth napkins that Bryan and I got when we got married and have been using those. It would take a lot for me to be able to live without paper towels but for napkins I'm using cloth.
I also try to avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store. I take my own bag if I'm getting a few things and just throw it all in there. If I'm getting more, I put all the small items in my bag and just get the bagger to put all the big items back in the cart. I have to push the cart all the way to the car anyway since Marlie is sitting in it, so I just load the big stuff directly into the trunk.
Marlie is my teammate in our newest attempt at being green. When I was pregnant with her I considered using cloth diapers. I was still just imagining the old school cloth and pins that my mom used on me. I ended up going with disposables. Lately I've been hearing more and more about cloth diapering. I started looking into it and cloth diapers have come a long way! There are still plenty of people who use and prefer traditional cloth diapers but for now I would like something easier. I ordered Marlie 2 different cloth diapers for us to try out. The first one is a bumGenius All-in-One. It is just like a disposable except it's washable.

Her second diaper is a bumGenius One Size. It has an extra step in which you stick an insert (something similar to a washcloth) into the diaper for absorption. This diaper is called a One Size because it will fit a baby from 7 to 35 pounds!

I'm not totally making the switch to cloth yet, but we are going to try these out for a while. I hope they work well for us because by switching we'll not only save money but also the earth!


Tara said...

Hey PLease let me know what you decide and how they work. It is so funny to read your blog b/c I was just telling my mom how addicted I was to recyling at Ft. Drum. I have not converted them just yet but they are going to start composting soon. So kudos to you for making some changes. The world needs more it.

~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

Those are GREAT Cristin. Do update on how you feel about them okay? I have several pregnant friends and if you like these, I'll try to figure out how to make their 'diaper cakes' incorporating some of these if you like them!