Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fluffy Bottom

Tara has asked me how the cloth diapers are going, so I thought I'd do a post just about that. I guess the best thing is that it really doesn't seem much different so far. We only have 5 right now so it's not like I'm able to keep her in cloth full time yet. I don't mind washing them but I've also strategically put them on her when I don't expect her to have a poo. Therefore, I haven't actually dealt with that "issue" yet. It does make me feel good that we're not throwing away 50 diapers a week and she seems really comfortable in them. I'm going to slowly continue to add to the stash so that she can wear them more often. I would still consider us to be in the "trying it out" stage but maybe eventually we'll be serious cloth diaper wearers! Here she is modeling all her diapers. The first 2 you have already seen.

BumGenius All-in-One ~ This diaper isn't as absorbent as others but it fits her the best.

BumGenius One Size ~ This one can be adjusted to fit babies from 7-35 lbs. It's a little bulky on her but otherwise I don't have any complaints.

JamTots Minky ~ I bought this one just because I loved the colors. I don't have any complaints about it though.

FuzziBunz ~ This is a popular diaper brand so I thought I'd try it. No problems with it either.

Tail Feathers Diaper ~ This was one just too cute to pass up! I had planned on buying her some cute bloomers anyway, but now she can just wear this under a dress without bloomers!

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Tara said...

So stinking cute!!! I love it! She is a great model. I've decided for now I'll attempt going green with bringing my own bags to the store. Once you do get the diapers figured out I'd love to know your favorites and how the "issues" are with them.