Monday, June 09, 2008

Another busy weekend!

This was another busy weekend for Marlie and I!
Friday night I went to my first girls night in a long time. I believe the last time I did something like that was during Bryan's last deployment. We just all got together and hung out at my friends house but it was nice to be able to spend time with so many of my girlfriends that I grew up and went to school with.
I had a fitness workshop to attend in Macon yesterday so we originally planned to go down there on Saturday and spend the night. Our plans ended up getting changed and we just stayed in Greensboro Saturday night. I took Marlie swimming for a little while that afternoon, and she had a great time as usual. On Saturday morning we were in Marlie's room playing on the floor and she had what I consider to be her first official crawl. She's been doing a crawl/roll/sit combo for a little while but she did a true crawl to get to a toy she wanted. She probably would have done more but she accomplished her objective so she stopped there.
Yesterday I left for my workshop before Marlie had woken up in the morning. I ended up being gone a total of about 10 hours. I had a little anxiety as that was the longest I've been apart from her. She did well though and I know it was harder for me than her!
Finally, I must share a picture of my little rascal this morning. She was eating her bananas while I washed a few dishes. I turned around and she had apparently decided to style her hair with the bananas. She looked so funny!

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Tristan said...

she is a doll