Monday, July 28, 2008

Marlie is 11 months old

Marlie is 11 months old as of today. She's crawling all over the place and pulling up on anything she can. She has apparently realized how to "run" away from me because each time I see her doing something she's not supposed to, she takes off crawling away from me! She is full of energy and loves playing and swimming. She is always babbling. She says mama and dada (though not with a purpose) and tries to say baby and book.
I'm trying to start getting the house ready for Bryan's arrival but she's not making things easy. If I'm not following behind her picking things up that she's gotten into, she's following behind me messing things up. Here's a perfect example. I had all her cloth diapers folded and arranged in the far left slot and all her book in the middle slot. She pulled up on the changing table and pulled out all the cloth diapers. After that she scooted over a bit and pulled out the books. The good thing is that I usually secretly laugh at her rather than let it fluster me.

Here is another picture I took of her when we were playing in her room a few days ago. I love her big blue eyes and hope they stay the color they are.

Right before we left for the beach, her nursery letters arrived. I ordered these from another military wife who custom makes them. I love the letters and think she did a wonderful job. She matched them to Marlie's bedding. I haven't taken a picture of the whole crib and the letters but I plan to soon. Here are the letters after I put them up a few days ago.

And here are a couple of more photos while I'm at it. The first one is of Marlie wearing her new watermelon print diaper and the second was after she had just woken up. She's a wild sleeper and this time her hair showed just how wild!

Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Years

I'm a little behind with my posts, but last Saturday was a special day for our family. It was mine and Bryan's 5th wedding anniversary. It is actually the first one we haven't at least seen each other on, which is a remarkable thing when it comes to the Army. Even though he's been deployed for 17 of those months and been away for training about 7, we've always been lucky to spend July 19 together.
I miss him everyday and the world never seems quite right when he's not here with me. We are so excited to be approaching R&R though, and can't wait to once again enjoy every moment we can spend together as a family.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Traveling Girls

Marlie and I have just finished doing quite a bit of traveling. On the morning of the 11th, my mama, M and myself headed up to Greenville, NC. My dear friend, Laura, who was also my neighbor in Baumholder was visiting her parents. They are still stationed in Germany so I was very excited about getting to see her and her daughter again and meeting her son for the first time. We had a great weekend! We've stayed in touch via the internet, but it was so good to spend some time together. We tried to take a picture but it's pretty difficult to get 3 small children to look at the camera. Here we all are though - Laura, Hunter (6 months), Tally (2 years), me, and M.

We got back from NC on Sunday afternoon. We washed clothes and repacked so we could leave Monday for the beach!
Here's M "helping" me pack

We spent almost a week in Daytona and had a lot of fun. It was a much needed vacation for me and M LOVED the beach! She spent most of the trip covered in sand. I was very nervous about how she would do with her naps and sleeping at night but she was perfect. I think she wore herself out so much everyday that when it came time to sleep, she just crashed. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Daytona.
Playing under the tent with Mackenzie

All decked out in pink

The infamous point!

Eating a lemon - she did this voluntarily!

Always thinking about him :)

On our last night - M, me, and my sunburn

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Me On The Radio

Tonight I'm going to participate in a radio show/podcast. I've never done anything like this before so it should be interesting. Here are the details:

Tuesday - July 1st - MyMilitaryLife Bloggers - A Day in the Life of a Military Spouse - Join us for a conversation with some of the bloggers from We are featuring Submarine Wife Megan, Coast Guard wife “Just a Girl in a Port” Jenn, Army wife Cristin and new Navy wife Hillary. This is our lineup at press time, we are hoping to add to the list.

Have you thought about starting your own blog, but not sure how to get started? We will be answering that question and more. Plus, we will also be talking about how blogging can help you through a deployment and be a virtual scrapbook for your thoughts and experiences.

If you have a question for our authors, please email them to jessica(at)

Show Details:

We invite you to join the conversation!

You don’t want to miss this show LIVE! Our call in # is 646-652-4629.

To listen live go to:


Show link: