Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family & Birthday Pictures

Jessica has uploaded all the proofs from our family and birthday pictures to her site. To see them just go here:

Monday, September 22, 2008

R&R - Last Recap

The day after Marlie's birthday party, we celebrated my dad's birthday. We joked that Marlie's smash cake was his birthday cake since it was still almost completely intact.
On Monday, Bryan, Marlie and I went down to Savannah. Bryan and I haven't been since we were kids so we thought it would be a nice short trip to take. The first afternoon we visited River Street, went to Forsyth Park, and had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the river. Marlie had a great time at the playground at the park.

Marlie loved sitting on the deck at the restaurant and being able to see the street and river. There was also a man playing the guitar and singing and Marlie enjoyed him too. She danced and would clap along with everyone each time he finished a song.

The next day we went back down to River Street for a while and then went to the mall. We took Marlie to Stride Rite and she got her first pair of real shoes. After the mall we went to a restaurant that we read about in Southern Living. It was described as a dive and it certainly was. The food was good though so that's what was important. As a plus, Marlie could be as messy as she wanted and it really didn't matter!
On Wednesday we drove back home in time for Marlie's 12 month check up. She has now moved up to the 50th percentile in weight so that was good to hear.
On Thursday we to my sister's softball game and on Friday night Bryan and I went out to a nice dinner. Saturday of course consisted of watching the UGA football game and Sunday we just tried to relax.
Bryan had to be at the airport by 1pm on Monday. Once we got there, and he checked in, he was told that he had to be at his gate by 7pm! I had planned to hang out with Bryan for a while, but we were surprised that he had to wait for 6 hours. Bryan said he would be ok just sitting at the airport but I didn't want him to be loosing his mind after a few hours. I convinced him to go to a nearby shopping center. He agreed but only if we got him some civilian clothes to wear! We went to that shopping center and I ran in Old Navy and bought him some shorts, a shirt, and flip flops! We hung out and ended up getting something to eat late that afternoon. It ended up being a fun time and I'm so glad we got to spend those extra hours together. He is back at his FOB and very busy. We're ready for him to come back home again!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures of Bryan's arrival

Last night I received a cd from the photographer who took pictures for us at the airport. Mark Turner volunteers with the Operation Love Reunited program to take pictures for military families. His website is www.turnerimages.com and the OpLove website is www.oplove.org.
There were over 80 pictures so I uploaded them to Facebook. Here are public links where you can view them. Because there were so many, I had to separate them into 2 albums. I love them and hope you'll enjoy them too.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday party!

We started Saturday, the 30th, by doing our second family photo shoot. After Marlie took her morning nap, we continued to prepare for the party. We went out to my parents' house and they gave Marlie her birthday present from them. Here's a picture of Marlie in her new 'Dawgs' rocking chair. She was already in her UGA dress and diaper since that day was the season opener for the Bulldogs.

While Marlie was taking her afternoon nap, Diana brought the birthday cake and smash cake to us. Not only were they BEAUTIFUL, they tasted good too!

Once Marlie woke up from her nap, we brought her to the party where all her guests were waiting on her. With her being sick, I didn't want to cut her nap short so hopefully everyone didn't mind.
She had a birthday dress that my mom bought for her, but I put a cupcake applique on a onesie for her to wear when she had her cake. I had no doubt that she would dive right into the cake but for some reason I think she was scared of the actual cake and not everyone looking at her. The rest of the pictures are ones that were sent to me by the Duvalls. Thanks Erin!

Although the cake didn't go well, Marlie wasn't hesitant at all when it was time to open presents! I would unwrap the gifts initially and then hand them to Bryan to truly open them for her. Once she spotted the toys, he could not work fast enough!

One of my special requests of Jessica was to get a picture of Bryan and Vince with their baby girls. Vince & I grew up together and he and Bryan became best friends in high school. They went to college together, along with Erin. Now we're both Army families!

Hopefully my next R&R post will be in the next few days.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hair clips!

I know I said I would do another R&R post next, but this will be short and sweet.
I have been wanting to get Marlie a few hair clips. The only ones I've been able to find have been expensive so I decided I would try to make my own. Here's the end result! Now I just need some more ribbon so I can make her a whole variety of clips!

Friday, September 12, 2008

R&R Recap Part 1

Bryan arrived on Saturday morning and we spent most of that day just hanging around the house. On Sunday afternoon we went to a family reunion for Bryan's relatives. Here is Bryan feeding Marlie her breakfast that morning. This was a new experience for him as she had just started solids when he left in February. Her typical breakfast these days is toast and banana.

On Tuesday we went to Athens to buy a few things for Marlie's birthday party. We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and the highlight of Marlie's day was definitely playing on their indoor playground! On Wednesday evening we went to the country club for their annual meeting and barbeque. I took Marlie in the pool for a few minutes since it had been a while since we had last gone swimming.

Thursday was Marlie's first birthday! She woke up with cold that morning so we started the day by giving her a good steam in the bathroom.

She got a bib from our cousins for her to wear on her big day!

My family had to attend an event for my sister that evening so we went out to dinner for Marlie's birthday. Bryan's mom joined us, and Marlie enjoyed getting to eat off of all of our plates!

We tried to take a family picture of ourselves but it was a challenge with nobody behind the camera to get Marlie's attention.

I did manage to get her to look while I took a picture of her and Bryan though.

On Friday afternoon our friends Jessica, Grant, and their baby Kiera came up from Ft Benning. They have their own photography business so we hired Jessica to take some family pictures for us and shoot Marlie's birthday party. We took them out to my uncle's house where they were going to stay and ended up doing our first round of pictures there. They were the ones that Jessica posted on her blog as Part 1. That night Bryan & I went to our old school to watch a football game. We had a good time catching up with some people we (especially Bryan) haven't seen in a while. My mom was kind enough to stay with Marlie so that we could go since Marlie goes to bed early.

That's all for now. I'm sure Marlie's birthday party will need it's own post!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Good and Bad

I always want the bad news first, so I'll start with that. Bryan left again yesterday. He had to be at the airport at 1pm. Once we arrived there and he checked in, he found out that he wouldn't be flying until after 7pm. He was ok with just sitting at the airport all that time, but I talked him into leaving for a while. We rode over to a nearby shopping center for a few hours. We just walked around and got something to eat. I took him back to the airport around 4:15 so that I could try to get out of Atlanta before traffic got bad. It seems like it should get easier to say goodbye but it really doesn't. The hardest part for me these days is seeing him say goodbye to Marlie. Last time he left she really didn't know the difference but now I'm sure she does. I'm ready for him to come back home again!
On a more cheerful note, Jessica has posted a few pictures from Marlie's birthday party. You can see them on her blog at: http://flynnscapturephotography.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


We just got back from spending a few days in Savannah. It was a good trip with the exception of losing my cell phone. It is now in the possession of some guy named Don who apparently decided to keep it for himself.
While we were gone, Jessica uploaded some pictures to her blog of the MANY she took of us last week. Go check them out at: