Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday party!

We started Saturday, the 30th, by doing our second family photo shoot. After Marlie took her morning nap, we continued to prepare for the party. We went out to my parents' house and they gave Marlie her birthday present from them. Here's a picture of Marlie in her new 'Dawgs' rocking chair. She was already in her UGA dress and diaper since that day was the season opener for the Bulldogs.

While Marlie was taking her afternoon nap, Diana brought the birthday cake and smash cake to us. Not only were they BEAUTIFUL, they tasted good too!

Once Marlie woke up from her nap, we brought her to the party where all her guests were waiting on her. With her being sick, I didn't want to cut her nap short so hopefully everyone didn't mind.
She had a birthday dress that my mom bought for her, but I put a cupcake applique on a onesie for her to wear when she had her cake. I had no doubt that she would dive right into the cake but for some reason I think she was scared of the actual cake and not everyone looking at her. The rest of the pictures are ones that were sent to me by the Duvalls. Thanks Erin!

Although the cake didn't go well, Marlie wasn't hesitant at all when it was time to open presents! I would unwrap the gifts initially and then hand them to Bryan to truly open them for her. Once she spotted the toys, he could not work fast enough!

One of my special requests of Jessica was to get a picture of Bryan and Vince with their baby girls. Vince & I grew up together and he and Bryan became best friends in high school. They went to college together, along with Erin. Now we're both Army families!

Hopefully my next R&R post will be in the next few days.

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