Monday, September 22, 2008

R&R - Last Recap

The day after Marlie's birthday party, we celebrated my dad's birthday. We joked that Marlie's smash cake was his birthday cake since it was still almost completely intact.
On Monday, Bryan, Marlie and I went down to Savannah. Bryan and I haven't been since we were kids so we thought it would be a nice short trip to take. The first afternoon we visited River Street, went to Forsyth Park, and had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the river. Marlie had a great time at the playground at the park.

Marlie loved sitting on the deck at the restaurant and being able to see the street and river. There was also a man playing the guitar and singing and Marlie enjoyed him too. She danced and would clap along with everyone each time he finished a song.

The next day we went back down to River Street for a while and then went to the mall. We took Marlie to Stride Rite and she got her first pair of real shoes. After the mall we went to a restaurant that we read about in Southern Living. It was described as a dive and it certainly was. The food was good though so that's what was important. As a plus, Marlie could be as messy as she wanted and it really didn't matter!
On Wednesday we drove back home in time for Marlie's 12 month check up. She has now moved up to the 50th percentile in weight so that was good to hear.
On Thursday we to my sister's softball game and on Friday night Bryan and I went out to a nice dinner. Saturday of course consisted of watching the UGA football game and Sunday we just tried to relax.
Bryan had to be at the airport by 1pm on Monday. Once we got there, and he checked in, he was told that he had to be at his gate by 7pm! I had planned to hang out with Bryan for a while, but we were surprised that he had to wait for 6 hours. Bryan said he would be ok just sitting at the airport but I didn't want him to be loosing his mind after a few hours. I convinced him to go to a nearby shopping center. He agreed but only if we got him some civilian clothes to wear! We went to that shopping center and I ran in Old Navy and bought him some shorts, a shirt, and flip flops! We hung out and ended up getting something to eat late that afternoon. It ended up being a fun time and I'm so glad we got to spend those extra hours together. He is back at his FOB and very busy. We're ready for him to come back home again!

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