Friday, September 12, 2008

R&R Recap Part 1

Bryan arrived on Saturday morning and we spent most of that day just hanging around the house. On Sunday afternoon we went to a family reunion for Bryan's relatives. Here is Bryan feeding Marlie her breakfast that morning. This was a new experience for him as she had just started solids when he left in February. Her typical breakfast these days is toast and banana.

On Tuesday we went to Athens to buy a few things for Marlie's birthday party. We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and the highlight of Marlie's day was definitely playing on their indoor playground! On Wednesday evening we went to the country club for their annual meeting and barbeque. I took Marlie in the pool for a few minutes since it had been a while since we had last gone swimming.

Thursday was Marlie's first birthday! She woke up with cold that morning so we started the day by giving her a good steam in the bathroom.

She got a bib from our cousins for her to wear on her big day!

My family had to attend an event for my sister that evening so we went out to dinner for Marlie's birthday. Bryan's mom joined us, and Marlie enjoyed getting to eat off of all of our plates!

We tried to take a family picture of ourselves but it was a challenge with nobody behind the camera to get Marlie's attention.

I did manage to get her to look while I took a picture of her and Bryan though.

On Friday afternoon our friends Jessica, Grant, and their baby Kiera came up from Ft Benning. They have their own photography business so we hired Jessica to take some family pictures for us and shoot Marlie's birthday party. We took them out to my uncle's house where they were going to stay and ended up doing our first round of pictures there. They were the ones that Jessica posted on her blog as Part 1. That night Bryan & I went to our old school to watch a football game. We had a good time catching up with some people we (especially Bryan) haven't seen in a while. My mom was kind enough to stay with Marlie so that we could go since Marlie goes to bed early.

That's all for now. I'm sure Marlie's birthday party will need it's own post!

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~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

Wow... she's starting to look more like BOTH of you!

Beautiful baby girl.