Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Fun Weekend

Our fun weekend started on Friday, when I hosted a playdate at our house. We brought all Marlie's toys down to our living room so we could have one central play area. Including Marlie and myself, there were 6 small children here and 5 moms. It's been too cold to go outside and play, so this was perfect for the kids to get together and have fun. There were toys everywhere by lunchtime, but it was a lot of fun and totally worth it.
On Saturday, Bryan & I decided to take another quick family trip over to Nashville. We wanted to check out the Farmers Market and visit Whole Foods. Bryan & I both love to cook, so shopping for food is fun for us! The Farmers Market was a little slow, but I think once the weather warms up it's going to be a great place to go.
After the market, we went to one of the popular shopping areas in Nashville. We've never been to a Whole Foods so we were looking forward to seeing what it was like. They sell mostly organic foods and foods with no artificial ingredients. We only left there with a few things, but Bryan was in heaven with the huge meat and seafood selection.
Sunday was more of a relaxing day for us. We just went to church in the morning and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday at night. That was the first time we've eaten there, but it's great for a toddler! We just got the Garden Bar for Marlie and she loved eating the different types of salads and toppings.
Now I've got to start working on getting ready for Bryan's birthday dinner...

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Erin said...

That sounds like such a nice weekend. So glad you guys are settled in and enjoying Kentucky. Wish we were moving there as well but we still don't know where we're headed next even though everyone else knows now.