Monday, February 09, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo!

On Saturday we took Marlie to the zoo for the first time. The Nashville Zoo is smaller than Atlanta, but it was still plenty for M. We ended up getting a family membership for only $45, so now we can go as much as we want for free over the next year.
Marlie wanted "up" on the bench.

Checking out the big fish

She loved running around everywhere

Walking through the bamboo

Petting the goats

Trying to kiss the goat

Looking at the elephants...

...and the giraffes!

Playing at the Jungle Gym

Eating lunch on the way home and making a huge mess!

This was taken after her nap later that afternoon. She got a hold of my slush from Sonic and wanted it all for herself!

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Erin said...

Very cute Cristin. Looks like yall have settled in well.