Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

Yesterday was Bryan's 28th birthday! He was able to slip out of work a little early and had the opportunity to relax at home a little bit. Since he was in Afghanistan on his birthday last year, I hoped he would have a really happy one this year. He bought himself a new grill shortly after we moved here and said that was his birthday present. For dinner, he just wanted to grill some steaks so that's what we did. Bryan did request my Nana's coconut cake as his birthday cake though. Here's a picture he took of Marlie and I making the cake.

Here is Chef Bryan hard at work

When we mentioned food, Marlie came running to jump in Daddy's lap. Here they are with his birthday cake. She enjoyed helping Bryan eat his piece!

Even though I agreed to the grill being Bryan's gift, I decided to get him one more thing. He loves his coffee and has wanted a new coffemaker. He was so excited to get the one he wanted.

Marlie even got a surprise! Hint: It's not the book she's reading!


The Tooles said...

Sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun lately...good for you. Seems like you have settled into the area. I am envious of your farmer's market...I have always wanted to go to one. Happy Birthday Brian...Justin always specifies a menu for his b-day too. I don't think it has ever ended in him doing any cooking though..maybe we should get a new grill too=) His birthday is in a couple weeks. Happy potty training to Marlie!

Tara said...

Is that a little potty? Keep me posted on how that goes. Looks like Bryan's birthday was fun and relaxing.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Brian.
Vince and Erin