Friday, February 06, 2009

What's Goin' On

This picture is of Marlie showing off her new wool pants I had made for her.

On Monday Bryan had a post Superbowl "holiday". He made an appointment for early that morning to get our car checked out in Nashville. He thought he'd be in and out fairly quickly, but instead spent most of the day there. So much for a holiday!
On Tuesday Marlie had her first visit to the pediatric clinic here. This trip was just for a routine physical and check up though. To participate in children's programs here on post, she is required to have a physical. Since we were already there, they decided to make it her 18 month check up one month early. Everything went well but of course Marlie didn't enjoy getting her vaccinations.
Wednesday morning we attended Marlie's first Music Time class. There were only 2 other children there and they were a little younger than Marlie. We sang songs and the kids got to use a different instrument/noise maker for each song. Marlie was a little more low key than usual but I have no doubt she'll be showing out very soon!
Today we just had a morning of running errands, so there's nothing interesting to report from that. It's been really cold here but we're looking forward to warmer weather over the next few days so we can get outside and play!

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The Tooles said...

I hear ya on the warm weather!!! It is supposed to be mid 60s here today and tomorrow and I imagine it is headed your way. Glad music classes are going well...I look forward to doing fun things like that with Caroline soon enough=)