Thursday, March 05, 2009


Before I talk about gymnastics, I'll have to mention the night before it. Around 5pm on Tuesday, over 300 soldiers from Bryan's unit arrived home. This is what happened right after the ceremony:
310 returning soldiers put on 17-hour lockdown

Not only were those soldiers on lockdown, but that meant Bryan was working that whole time. As soon as those soldiers were released, Bryan still had a meeting to go to. He finally got home around lunchtime after being at work for close to 30 hours. I have gotten used to having Bryan's help so I was beat after being a single parent for that short period.
Enter gymnastics.
Marlie's first gymnastics class was Wednesday morning. She was 100 miles an hour the whole time we were there. Some of the skills they learned are still a little advanced for her but she'll catch on. Class started with everyone running 3 laps around the floor. Those 3 laps are a lot for Marlie. She kept falling towards the end of the laps but soon after she was running all across the floor. I was constantly chasing her to try to get her to watch the teacher and the other children. By the end of the class, we were both exhausted. She definitely has a way to go, but there is no doubt that she LOVES going to the class.
Today was Marlie's 2nd day of "school" and she seemed much more comfortable when I picked her up today. She actually ran away from me when I tried to put her coat on her.
Here is Marlie wearning a shirt I appliqued for her the other day. That was another first for me and I'm pleased with how it turned out. She already had the pants so I wanted to make her another shirt to go with them. She did have a matching shirt but it no longer fits her.
And here she is hiding behind what she made at "school" today.

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Erin said...

Marlie is so cute. And gettin so big! They grow up fast!