Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer Clothes

On Friday we had a playdate with some other children and their moms at JumpZone in town. It's a play center full of huge inflatables. Marlie played on them a little bit, but she was just as interested in playing with the small toys they had. I didn't get any pictures this time, but I will on our next visit.
Bryan continues to work around the clock, so M and I have been getting lots of extra quality time together.
On Saturday night, Bryan did not have to work so we squeezed in a date. M stayed with Chelsea who is a student at the college here in town. This was the 2nd time Chelsea has kept her and M wasn't even phased when we walked out the door this time. Bryan & I went to a popular restaurant and bar downtown that we hadn't been to before. We can definitely see it becoming one of our favorite date spots. After dinner we went to another local favorite. It is just a small burger place, but it's famous for it's "Bun & Cream". This is a grilled Honey Bun served with a scoop of ice cream on top. It was good and didn't seem strange to me.
Yesterday was our typical Sunday until Bryan had to go to work last night.
This morning M got the first of a few summer outfits I ordered for her. These are both custom/handmade items, which is my favorite thing to buy for her. Here she is trying them on earlier.
Pinnafore set

Peasant top


Tara said...

cute clothes!

MamaT said...

She is growing so fast. Great clothes!