Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome Home 4th Brigade!

Bryan's job since we moved here has been the Rear Detachment S-3 (or Operations Officer). This means he's pretty much been coordinating the movement of his brigade from Afghanistan back to here. The first flight of guys arrived on Saturday. Bryan had to be there to work anyway, so Marlie & I went to help welcome the soldiers home.
Marlie is checking out her spade that one of the soldiers gave her.

Opening the hangar doors - what an exciting moment!

The soldiers are officially welcomed home

That ceremony was just the first of many to come. They actually have the 2nd and 3rd flights coming in today. Marlie & I will be going again to the welcome home ceremony this afternoon. It's so fun to be able to experience the ceremonies without the stress and anxiety of having your soldier coming home.

Just a few more fun pictures..
I love taking pictures of M when she's dressed up for church. She never wants to stay still for a picture though!

You've got to love how classy this is!


Erin said...

I love that feeling when the guys come home. Marlie is so funny.

MamaT said...

Marlie has so much personality!!!