Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last weekend was a 4-day for Bryan so we loaded up the car and went to Memphis! We left right after lunch so that Marlie could nap on the way there. I guess she was too excited for that! We eventually took away all her toys so that she would calm down and relax but she proceeded to entertain herself by babbling ALL the way there - almost 4 hours!
After checking into our hotel, we walked down to Beale Street. We found a bar/restaurant with a huge outside area. A group was playing live music so we sat out there and listened to them and ate dinner. Here is Marlie enjoying herself at Silky O'Sullivans. That is Beale Street behind her.

On Saturday our first order of business was seeing the marching ducks at The Peabody Hotel. Marlie didn't enjoy having to sit still and wait, but once the ducks walked off the elevator to the fountain she was so excited!

Next we walked to the Civil Rights Museum and The Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. I didn't get any pictures, but it was very interesting since nothing has changed there over time.
We ventured back to Beale Street to get some lunch and decided to try the Blues City Cafe. That turned out to be our favorite eating spot of the whole trip. I tried to pick just one picture from there to share, but I couldn't narrow it down from these 3. Marlie and Bryan were just being silly. Marlie has started doing a new "cheese" smile for most pictures and this is what it looks like.

Every May, Memphis has special events going on all month long. Saturday was their Sunset Symphony which is final event of the month. It rained quite a bit when we got there, but we decided to stick it out. They kicked things off with an air show and Marlie loved watching the "airplanes" doing their tricks. The Memphis Symphony performed next and Bryan & I really enjoyed that. Three Dog Night also performed with the symphony but Marlie was maxed out right before they started. The night ended with fireworks but we were resting in our hotel by that time.
We were wet and dirty, but that's nothing a slushie and Nilla wafers can't fix!

On Sunday morning we visited the biggest Memphis attraction - Graceland. We arrived shortly after they opened which definitely worked to our advantage. Marlie forced us to move through things a little quicker than we may have liked, but it was really cool to visit the home and experience the life of an American icon.
The back of Graceland / the backyard

By Lisa Marie's swingset in front of the office

Marlie by one of Elvis' MANY gold albums

Elvis' larger jet

Just a quick picture I snuck

Marlie & I in front of Graceland

Meditation Gardens where Elvis and his family members are buried

When Marlie woke from her nap that afternoon, we went back to The Peabody to see the ducks march from the fountain to the elevator for the end of their day. We sat right in front of the elevator so Marlie had the thrill of watching them waddle all the way down the red carpet. From there we made one last trip to Beale Street and had the chance to finally get a picture of all three of us.

On the way out of Memphis on Monday we went by the Memphis Zoo. Our membership at the Nashville Zoo allows us to get in other zoos and aquariums throughout the country at a discounted rate. They had a few different large animals than Nashville so that was a fun change. Our favorites were the polar bears and monkeys, although Marlie did enjoy the petting zoo as usual. That is where this picture was taken.

We had a great family adventure but were glad to be back at home by Monday evening.


Tara said...

what a fun looking trip. I know Ramsey would LOVE the ducks too. maybe we should try that trip ourselves.

The Tooles said...

Sounds SO fun. I love how Brian and Marley can be silly together..I know Justin looks forward to that! I hear ya on using food to keep your children content...I'll have to give slushies and Nilla wafers a try too=)