Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

We had a nice Mothers Day weekend. Bryan was off on Friday so that morning we went on an outing to the Amish bakery, Amish store, and finally the yarn shop. I got the last bit of instruction on how to finish the sweater and should be done within the next few days. As soon as Marlie woke up from her nap on Friday afternoon, we met Bryan's boss and his family for dinner at a mexican restaurant. We had fun with their family outside of work.
Saturday morning we took off again to the nearby town of Hopkinsville. They were supposed to be having a farmer's market, but I guess all the rain we've been having ruined the plans. Since we were already in the middle of town, we ventured down Main Street to a local legend - Ferrell's. They serve hamburgers and that's just about it. The business has been owned and run by the same family since 1929. We weren't too sure about the burgers since they are only served with onions and pickles. Something about them was delicious though! Bryan and I each devoured ours (and wanted more!) and even Marlie ate her whole hamburger!
On Saturday evening we were so excited to have some friends over from when we were in Germany. When we last saw them, none of us had children. Now we have M and they have 4 month old twins! It was so great to catch up and spend an evening with old friends. Marlie loves babies so we knew she would get a kick out of having 2 around. She constantly wanted to be around them and hold them.
Marlie and Alex (Alexandra)

Marlie and Chase

Thankfully Sunday was a pretty relaxing day for us. We went to church and after Marlie's nap we just hung out at home and played on the playground. There is a local Chinese restaurant I have been wanting to try so we just takeout from there for dinner. After dinner we did a video call with my family using Skype. We usually just talk on the phone and use the webcam, but I was really impressed by Skype. Marlie was much more into it than she normally is too.
Marlie & I before church

These are the gifts that I mentioned Marlie made for me at "school".

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