Monday, June 29, 2009

Water Park & "Airplanes"

At the last minute, I ended up taking a class Wednesday through Friday last week. The gist of the class is that it prepares you to be a leader within the Army community. When the class ended on Friday afternoon, I was ready for the weekend!
On Saturday morning we went to a nearby water park with friends. The park is very small and geared towards younger children. Marlie LOVED it, and Bryan & I also really enjoyed it. We will probably visit the park again this weekend since Bryan has 2 extra days off for the holiday. Here is a picture of all the girls in the lazy river.

Ever since we went to Memphis, Marlie has been fascinated by airplanes. Around here that usually means helicopters and Marlie loves seeing them fly over our house. There is a display on post of historic aircraft and Marlie gets so excited every time we ride by there. Bryan stopped there with her one day last week so that she could see them up close. She had such a great time that we took her back on Saturday afternoon. Here she is with some of the "airplanes".

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Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

Cristin...what water park was it? Just curious...


Kristin Brannan Wilson