Thursday, July 09, 2009

We're Ready for a Vacation!

We had a great time last weekend celebrating Indepence Day. There is a celebration on post called Freedom Fest and it kicked off on Thursday. They had carnival rides set up so we took Marlie over to try the rides after dinner. She was only big enough for a few rides but those were enough to thrill her.
Merry Go Round with Daddy

Airplane ride

Trying cotton candy for the first time


Merry Go Round with Mommy

Bryan had Friday off so we went to the Nashville Zoo for their Red, White & Zoo! celebration. Marlie always has such a great time when we go there. By now she somewhat knows her way around and where to find what animals.
On Saturday, we enjoyed a relaxing morning at one of the pools here on post. We figured it would probably be busy because of the holiday, but it was actually the opposite. There weren't many people swimming at all so we were able to really enjoy ourselves. That evening we went to a cookout at our neighbors' house. We were able to eat, but storms soon rolled in and cancelled most of the festivities for the night.
Sunday morning was spent at church. That evening we went over to the home of some of our friends for dinner. The weather was a little better that night so Marlie was excited to see a few fireworks on our way back home.
Monday morning we made a trip back to the water park. Once again we expected it to be busy because the soldiers had the day off. However, when we pulled up I wondered if the park was closed because it was so empty. Marlie pretty much had the run of the park for a while and had a great time. Our weekend was a busy one, but we love to have as much family fun together as we can!
Sticking out her belly for the water to hit it

Playing in the water

Fun times!

Splashing the surface

Tuesday was when the real excitement began though...
Our laptop has had battery problems so it has been out of commission for a while. We've had our desktop for almost 6 years and it has been a great computer but has started having problems. That afternoon I decided to restart it and could not get it to come back on. When M woke up from her nap I took both computers to a local repair shop. Their initial assessment was that both problems seemed to be easy fixes so I was really pleased to hear that. Yesterday morning the store owner called to let me know that the desktop had officially bitten the dust. I was disappointed but was hopeful that the laptop could get us by until we were able to buy a new main computer. The owner called me back yesterday afternoon and said they were also unable to repair the laptop! That was not what I wanted to hear! We use our computer frequently so we knew we would need to go ahead and buy another one. I am the kind of person who typically likes to do a lot of research before making such a big purchase, but we pretty much had to wing this one! Many people recommended that we go with a Mac and that's what we ended up getting. We now own a MacBook. I am still trying to get adjusted to it, but so far, so good.
We are preparing to go on a long vacation to the beach and after the past few days - I'm looking forward to it!

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