Friday, August 28, 2009

Marlie is 2!

Cupcakes for the birthday party are in the oven so I thought I'd take advantage of these few minutes to post about Marlie. I often write about what we're up to, but rarely about who she is as a little person.
At 10:38 this morning Oklahoma time, Marlie turned 2 years old. I still stand by what I said last year. I don't wish for her to grow up any faster, but I don't wish for her infant time back again. Each month seems to be more fun than the last and I love watching her grow and learn.
So here's a view into a day in the life of Marlie and some of her interests and qualities.
The picture above is of M and her "hobo cart". Bryan calls her shopping cart the hobo cart because you never know what you'll find in there. She walks around the house grabbing all sorts of things. When we can't find something, we're always sure to check the cart.
M is a great sleeper. She typically goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up around 8am. She also naps from about 1-4pm each day.
When she wakes in the morning, M will get in our bed and we'll watch Dora until around 9. Before we leave her room though, she must collect an armful of books and toys to bring in our room!
At 9 we'll come downstairs and she'll watch Sesame Street while I prepare breakfast. M loves Elmo & Cookie Monster!
Her favorite breakfast by far is pancakes. When you ask what she would like, she'll always answer pancakes!
M loves going to hourly care and socializing with other children. I went to a mothers' group yesterday morning at a local church that we had never been to before. When I dropped her off in the childcare room, she took off and never even bothered to tell me bye!
M is very affectionate - especially with her friends. Before she says goodbye to them, she always has to give them a hug and kiss.
M loves to sing. If she is upset or getting out of control, I can calm her down by starting a song. Her current favorites are the ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, and Old McDonald.
She can sing her ABCs all the way through and is starting to recognize letters. We knew she was familiar with a few, but earlier in the week she started randomly pointing at letters in one of her books and we were surprised at how many she could recall.
Speaking of books, reading is still one of her favorite activities. She will sit with us and get so into the book we are reading to her. She also enjoys "reading" on her own. She will turn the page and say whatever action is happening on that page. Dr Seuss' Hop on Pop and ABC books are her favorites.
Books and food are about the only things that keep Marlie still for long. She is as busy and wide open as always. Other people often remark at how much energy she has. She loves to play outside/on the playground, swim in her pool, and go for rides in her wagon.
M will say just about anything and everything. We are constantly surprised at all her new words. Just this week, 2 different people commented on how well she talks. She does a good job of saying please, thank you and sorry.
When we mention that it's bubble bath time, M is ready! She has fun swimming in her tub so thankfully baths are never an issue for us.

Marlie certainly keeps us on our toes, but we love every little thing about her. We feel so blessed to be her parents and are thankful for all the joy she brings to our lives.


Tara said...

Great Post. Happy Birthday Marlie!

Holly Bailey said...

That was so sweet! We are going to miss you guys!

The Tooles said...

Happy Birthday "M." I hear you on the "Hobo Cart"...Caroline sticks mostly to toys for now though. Marlie sounds like such a loving little lady passing out all those hugs and kisses=)