Monday, August 17, 2009

Week[end] of the Eagles

What a great weekend!
Every year Fort Campbell celebrates the Week of the Eagles. The week long event celebrates past and present members of the 101st Airbone Division. On Friday & Saturday nights Budweiser hosted a Salute to the Troops concert event. We attended on Friday night to see John Rich, Jake Owen, Hank Williams Jr and Carrie Underwood. The concert was awesome! Our friends, Holly & Jake, were able to get our chairs set up early that morning so that we were just a few rows back from the stage. That made all the difference in the world because I know it wouldn't have been quite as enjoyable if we had been in the back of the 75,000 people that were there! Here are some of our pictures from the concert. I didn't get any of John Rich but we did enjoy him and it was obvious that he was very glad to perform for the military families.

Hank Jr - he was probably the crowd favorite!

Jake, Holly, and us

Jake Owen - He was a great entertainer!

Carrie Underwood - I loved hearing her sing!

Although I didn't get to bed until midnight on Friday, I still got up at 6 on Saturday morning to run in the 5K. There was also a 10K but I decided to take it easy and enjoy the 5K with Holly. I didn't get a picture so I had to borrow this one from her. It doesn't look much like a race site, but we did start and finish at the railhead.

After the race, I went home and got cleaned up a little bit. A little after 10am, Bryan, M & I went over to the fair and air show. There were all types of aircraft on display and Marlie was so excited she didn't know which direction to go in! Here are M & Bryan in front of one of the displays.

We were all very hot so we didn't stay at the air show long. We headed home so Marlie could get a nap and I went on a shopping mission to try to find her an outfit for our family pictures next weekend. I didn't have much luck in that arena, but I did have one find that made the whole trip worth it. That will be another post though!

Saturday evening we went to our neighbors house for a family friendly poker night. I'm not made for poker, but Bryan really enjoys playing. We all had a good time and I'm glad we were able to do something as a family that is right up Bryan's alley!

M was late getting to bed on Saturday night so she ended up sleeping in on Sunday. We weren't going to make it to church on time, so we decided to visit the Cracker Barrel for brunch. We haven't eaten there since we've lived here and we all enjoyed having a big, yummy meal.

After naptime we hit the road again! Last night we went to Holly & Jake's house to celebrate the birthday of one of our other friends, Dave. We always love spending time with that group of friends. The adults share great conversation and the kids have a blast creating chaos!

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Erin Duvall said...

looks like yall had fun. did marlie enjoy the concert?