Friday, September 25, 2009

The Girls Go To Georgia

I haven't really been in the mood to blog lately, but I guess I should try to catch up on what we've been doing.
Last Thursday Marlie & I made the trip to Georgia. That's the first time just the 2 of us have made the drive. She did very well but we spent most of the day driving in rain. That was not fun! We went to Georgia to watch 3 of my sister's softball games. The first one was supposed to be on Thursday afternoon, but it was rained out.
On Friday night, my parents, Marlie & I went to the restaurant where my brother works for dinner. We had a great dinner and M enjoyed being doted on by uncle Jared. After dinner we stopped by a small fair that was set up outside the mall. It isn't often that I let M stay up past her bedtime. However, she & her nana were just too excited about the rides.

On Saturday morning, my mom took M to visit with my great aunt. That evening we went over to our family friends house to eat and watch the UGA game.
On Sunday we went to our home church and I think Marlie was thrown off by having the nursery to herself. There is always a crowd at the church here!
Monday morning M visited with Bryan's family for most of the morning. She must have had a lot of fun because she was worn out by naptime! Monday afternoon was supposed to be my sister's next softball game but it was rained out too!
Tuesday afternoon we finally saw a little bit of softball! I wish I could have seen more of my sister's senior season, but Mother Nature just didn't want to cooperate.
We came back to Campbell on Wednesday. Bryan wasn't sure what to do with himself in our empty house for a week so he was glad to have us back. We were very happy to be back in our element too!

On Thursday morning, M & I went to MOPS. I am still new to the group but I enjoy it so much. I had to take a brunch item and was suprised that my Cream Cheese Danish was chosen as the best dish! I've had a few people ask for the recipe so I will post it soon.

It's the weekend again so that means a lot of fun for us! I'm sure we'll stay busy but we're looking forward to it!


The Tooles said...

Glad you had a good trip...My mom said the rain in GA is terrible and even closed down major interstates! I'm sure your family loved seeing you...rain or shine=) Have a fun weekend.

Erin Duvall said...

Looks like yall had fun. My parents did not enjoy the flood in GA as well. Read where you said yall will probably have an eventful weekend to look forward too and Vince and I were just wondering what the heck do you find to do on the weekends. It is another lazy Sat. here in hot Bama and there is like never anything going on. We struggle to find stuff to do. Course Vince is still on crutches so we're limited anyhoo. I think we're going to hit the pool. I'm sure there's much more exciting stuff going on in KY than in Enterprise anyhoo huh? you've been here :)

Holly Bailey said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time. I would LOVE to get your recipe for bars. I hope that Marlie liked her shirt and bow!