Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Help for Adam & family

I received this earlier from some friends who have been with Adam and his family at the hospital. If anyone who reads this would like to contribute, I will be glad to add your item to our package when we mail it (I'll be in Georgia later this week) or give you any information you may need to donate to them.


Thank you all for the continued outpouring of love and caring for Adam, Carrie and the family. Carrie and the family have expressed their sincerest gratitude towards everyone. Many of you have asked how you can help, and unfortunately, not many of us are in close proximity to DC. They wouldn't ask anyone for anything. So we are going to do it on their behalf (maybe they shouldn't have given us access :). Adam cannot receive flowers or anything to put in his room while he is in ICU and Carrie won't have room in her small hotel accommodations.

We have put together a list of things we know the family will need or enjoy while in Bethesda. These items will go a long way towards helping the family with necessities and some comforts they would certainly enjoy.

· Gift Cards to places close to the hospital:

o Target

o Whole Foods

o Babies R us

o Starbucks


o Apple iTunes

o Dunkin Donuts

* Airline buddy passes or skymiles

*Carrie is also employed by the federal government and any donated leave from GS/Federal employees to Carrie's leave account would be a blessing.

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