Monday, October 19, 2009

Columbus Day

This is a continuation of what we did last week. Bryan had both Monday and Tuesday off from work so we made the most of those additional 2 days.
On Monday we went to Patterson Place Farm with my MOPS group. As soon as we arrived, we went on a short hayride. I thought Marlie would be really excited about riding behind the tractor, but she wasn't too impressed.

After the hayride, we were able to walk through their Animal Alley. They had some animals that you wouldn't expect to see here in Tennessee.
The first stop was the elk (which some children like to refer to as the reindeer!).


Miniature horses

Next we went to the corn maze. M enjoyed wandering through the corn so lucky for us, it was a pretty short maze.

Finally we were each able to choose a pumpkin to take home with us. I didn't get a picture of those yet, but I will try to when we carve them.

On Tuesday morning we went to the Nashville Zoo with some friends. I didn't get any pictures this time since we've been often. M always has fun there though!

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