Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Weekend

I finally got around to downloading our pictures from this weekend so now I can post about it.
Saturday morning we went to nearby Cadiz, KY for their 33rd Trigg County Country Ham Festival. We got to see Kentucky's Largest Country Ham & Biscuit which has been the Guinness Book World Record holder for 17 years.

Marlie was excited to get her own sample of the biscuit.

There are many pigs throughout the town. Marlie wanted to "pet" this one.

The highlight of her day was definitely the carnival rides. This "choo choo train" was her favorite.

That night we were sulking after the way the UGA game turned out. However, we still went over to our friends' house to watch some of the Florida LSU game.

I had to get up early on Sunday morning to do my 12.5 mile training run. After 2.5 hours (I'm REALLY slow) I made it back home. I've already done 10 and 11 miles, but my body definitely paid a price this time. I tried to do a cool down walk around my neighborhood but wasn't able to make it because my leg was hurting so bad. Once I got in my house i noticed that the bottom of my shorts were covered in blood. This picture was taken after I cleaned the area so it actually doesn't look bad at all. However, I basically had 2 open sores on my legs from chafing. It's been painful just for me to walk, but I was finally able to run again today - with bandages of course.

Needless to say that I was out of commission for the rest of the day (other than church).


Tara said...

oh my, KUddos for you for being such a determined runner. I think that is AWESOME!

Holly Bailey said...

You are seriously a STUD! I hope that eventually I can run that far as well! Miss you guys and sorry to interrupt your meeting with Vai today. I had a couple people emailing and calling me about past FRG stuff and I didn't feel comfortable taking care of it. Hope all is well.

The Tooles said...

Ya'll must have festivals and carnivals nonstop there...right up my alley! Props on your run=) I admire how hard you push yourself.