Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meeting Usher

Last Thursday, the wives of Bryan's battalion had our monthly "coffee". This month's meeting was held at the Olive Garden here in Clarksville. After the meeting, most of the ladies had gone home but 5 of us were still sitting around talking. It was around 9pm and the restaurant was almost empty. The manager came over and told us to look toward the other side of the restaurant. We weren't able to see well from where we were, so we walked to the waiting area. From there we saw the the singer, Usher, was in the restaurant. He was with a date and his bodyguard. We waved and my friends tried to take a few pictures (from quite a distance) with their camera phones. Usher didn't wave back, but instead had his bodyguard tell us not to take any pictures. At that point we decided to leave. When we got outside, we conspired for a few minutes and decided to try to give Usher one of our unit pins and ask if we could take a picture with him.
One of the ladies took the pin to the bodyguard and he said we could take a picture after Usher finished eating. The 5 of us sat at a table in the bar and waited for a LONG time for him to finish. He must be quite a slow eater! The restaurant had closed by this point but the staff didn't ask us to leave. I guess they enjoyed watching us pitiful Army wives stalking Usher!
Finally, Usher gets ready to leave and comes to take a picture with us. I didn't hear him say one word the whole time. His bodyguard spoke to us but that consisted of him saying that we could only take 1 picture with 1 camera. At one point he asked us if our husbands were deployed, but no more than that.
Overall, I was really disappointed by Usher's unfriendliness. He's from Georgia so I knew he would display some of our famous southern hospitality. On the bright side though, the 5 of us had a lot of fun "stalking" a celebrity!


Tara said...

that Stinks that he was such a jerk. I'll be keeping that in my mental file. Cool Picture though.

The Tooles said...

Dinner andsome "stalking"...sounds like a wonderful evening=) Glad everyone's eyes are open since you were only allowed one picture=) Does he know the people who want his picture are often the same fans who make him rich? Where's the love?