Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last week Bryan & Marlie carved one of our pumpkins that we got on our trip to Patterson Place Farm. Marlie enjoyed being the assistant, but she did not want to put her hand inside the pumpkin!

Getting an up close view of the glow!

On Wednesday night, my friend, Kelly, and I took our girls to the fall festival at our church. It took Marlie a little bit to warm up to her costume, but once I mentioned that she could get candy if she wore it - she was all about it!
Showing off all her candy!

"Baby" Emily & Marlie

My sweet Foofa

Searching for candy in the hay

On Saturday, we had a pre-trick-or-treat get together at our house. Some of our neighbors came over and we had an early dinner then let the kids play. Once 6 o'clock rolled around we were out the door! A large group of us walked around the neighborhood while the kids collected way too much candy!
Foofa once again

Kate & M

Rainbow Brite, Foofa, and DJ Lance Rock. I made my costume last year and plan to wear it until it falls apart. M's costume was easy to make, but DJ Lance was a little more work. They're not perfect but it was fun to make them.


Erin Duvall said...

Oh my gosh Bryan I cannot wait until Vince gets home and sees you in that DJ Lance costume. I've been waiting for Cristin to post the pics. Cristin, we need more DJ Lance pictures please!!!
And Foofa is adorable. And I love rainbow brite.

Tara said...

Cope and I have been laughing at Bryans costume all last night. You and Marlie look adorable.

The Tooles said...

I love that you make your family costumes. Even if they aren't perfect(which they look perfect to me), no one else has them. You won't pass another "Foofa" that looks just like M when you walk down the street=)

Holly Bailey said...

I LOVE the costumes and am very impressed that you made them all. Hope all is well! I just noticed that my blog says it hasn't been updated for two weeks which is so crazy because I have updated it a ton. I guess I will need to try and fix that!